Former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer tied to Feeding Our Future

The Minnesota Reformer reports on the ties between a former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer in Iowa and the Feeding Our Future network.

The Reformer reports that Abshir Omar worked for the Sanders campaign in Iowa. The Reformer reports that this same Abshir Omar moved up to Minnesota to work with a nonprofit, Tasho, within the Feeding Our Future network, and later as a consultant to Feeding Our Future itself.

Neither Omar nor Tasho have been implicated in any wrongdoing or mentioned in any FBI search warrants or indictments in the case. Tasho was founded in 2014, according to records on file with the Minnesota Secretary of State. The nonprofit received its tax-exempt status in 2015.

Tasho appears to be up to date with its state and Federal corporate filings. The nonprofit appears to be up to date with its IRS tax returns. However, during the five-year period from 2015 through the end of 2020, the nonprofit reports total revenue of just $50,425. At the end of 2019, the nonprofit reported total net assets of $586 and reported no revenue for 2020.

As reported by the Reformer, Omar appears in this KSTP report of a June 2021 protest in front of the state Department of Education (MDE). In the report, Omar is identified as the Deputy DIrector of Tasho, which at the time was reportedly feeding 1,600 children per day.

The Reformer reports that Tasho was later feeding up to 4,000 children per day, at six locations under Feeding Our Future. Omar is not listed under Tasho’s current staff page.

The Reformer reports that Tasho had six food distribution sites registered with the MDE through Feeding Our Future. They are as follows,

The first site on the list is Tasho’s home location. The rest appear to be a mix of senior living facilities and churches.

Tasho does not appear to be listed as a current participant in the food programs.