Freedom Rally brings message to St. Paul: Stop the Madness!

Hundreds of Minnesotans converged on the State Capitol today to rally for freedom at our Stop the Madness event.

American Experiment President John Hinderaker led the crowd in chants of “It’s our surplus, give it back!” and “Stop the Madness!” The sound echoed throughout the building and drifted into the Senate and House chambers where members were meeting for the last time before their Spring break.

House Republican Leader Lisa Demuth pointed at the North Star on the floor of the rotunda and decried the drag-style dancing that was done at a rally last Friday. House Republicans registered a formal protest and dissent in the official House journal earlier Tuesday.

Senate Republican Leader Mark Johnson brought a number of Senators with him to the stage and introduced them as fighting for liberty, freedom and faith every single day of the session.

Speaker Alfrieda Baldwin fired up the crowd in opposition to the ethnic studies bill moving through the legislature.

Rob Doar of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus exhorted everyone to call their Senators to defeat two gun control measures on their way to the Senate floor.

Renee Carlson of the Minnesota Family Council told the crowd “we cannot let our legislature and our governor trample on our freedoms. We must stand firm.”

If you missed the rally, you can watch the entire event here on our Facebook page.