Fresh Energy Is Still Intentionally Misleading Minnesotans on Energy Issues: A Series

Mitch Rolling and I wrote a multi-part series explaining how Fresh Energy’s characterization of energy issues in Minnesota is intentionally misleading Minnesotans. This page serves as a table of contents for ease of use, and it will be updated as we expand the series into the future.

Part One – Electricity Rates: Click here. Fresh Energy accused American Experiment of not understanding how electricity rates work. Turns out they’re dead wrong.

Part Two – Electricity vs. Natural Gas Usage: Click here. Electricity bills are lower in Minnesota because we use more natural gas for home heating than most other states, not because we’re getting a deal on our electricity.

Part Three – Energy Efficiency in Minnesota Isn’t So Spectacular: Click here. Energy efficiency in Minnesota isn’t spectacular, in fact, its pretty average.

Part Four – Why Energy Efficiency Won’t Save You Money: Click here. Renewable energy advocates claim reducing energy consumption will save consumers money, but this isn’t true because utility companies simply raise the price of electricity. The house always wins.

Part Five – The High Cost of Wind Energy: Click here. Fresh Energy, and other renewable energy profiteers, claim that wind energy is now the cheapest energy source available in Minnesota and elsewhere, but this is demonstrably false.

Part Six – How Decoupling Will Make Things Worse For Ratepayers: Click here. Decoupling is often pitched as a way to boost energy efficiency, but all it really does if give monopoly utilities an easier way to increase your electricity prices.