Give It Back Tax Rally scheduled for April 23 in St. Paul

Center of the American Experiment announced today they will host a Tax Rally on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol on Saturday, April 23 at 11:00 a.m. The rally will allow Minnesotans to gather in St. Paul to pressure Gov. Tim Walz and the legislature to return the record $9.3 billion budget surplus to the people in the form of permanent tax cuts. Speakers at the rally will be announced soon. Gov. Walz is scheduled to deliver his State of the State address the next day (Sunday, April 24).

“Twenty years ago, thousands of Minnesotans came to St. Paul to demand their money back and we hope to tap into that same energy to convince the governor and legislature to give it back,” said John Hinderaker, president of Center of the American Experiment.

The tax rally is part of American Experiment’s ongoing Give It Back campaign, which includes a landing page with information on the surplus and a call to action so Minnesotans can easily craft and send an email or video to the governor and their state representatives.

American Experiment also released a report on the state budget that serves as a guide to Minnesota legislators and Gov. Walz as they determine what to do with $9.25 billion in over-collections from taxpayers. The Case for Permanent Tax Cuts for Minnesota makes a strong case that Minnesota’s state government is already spending at historically high levels. In 2020, Minnesota’s state government spent $4,348.20 for every state resident, the highest amount on record and 5.9 percent higher than in 2016. Minnesota also has the sixth highest rate of state personal income tax in the United States. American Experiment recommends using the ongoing structural surplus to permanently cut personal income taxes across the board.

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