Golden Turkey nominations now open!

It’s our favorite time of year — Golden Turkey Season!

The competition to find the most bird-brained examples of waste in state government is back and getting ready to kick off. Past winners of this ignominious award include Tim Walz’s morgue, a gold-plated rest stop and a lonely bus stop that never welcomed any busses. Not to mention the lifetime achievement award for Southwest Light Rail Transit.

Which wasteful project will earn the 2023 Golden Turkey? Will it be the U of M for spending $250k a year for their lobbyist? Will it be another transit project like the proposed train to Duluth? Will it be a city somewhere in Minnesota for wasting federal COVID relief money?

You tell us!

Nominations are now open for Minnesota’s 2023 Golden Turkey.

No idea is too big or too small. The inspiration for this award started years ago in Washington D.C. when the Pentagon paid hundreds of dollars to a defense contractor for a simple hammer that went for $6 at the local hardware store. When it’s our money, waste is waste! 

Get your nomination in and then watch this space to vote for your favorite among the four finalists. Winner announced right before Turkey Day (of course).