Governor Dayton Declares Today “Paul Simon Day” While Your Tax Dollars Are Slip Slidin’ Away

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (DFL) has declared today, June 8th, 2018, to be “Paul Simon Day” to commemorate the career of the legendary singer and songwriter as he bids farewell to touring.

Paul Simon probably deserves the distinction, but at the same time, the legacy of Governor Dayton will be a tragic inability to do anything other than to issue silly proclamations such as these.

Take taxes, for example. Senator Paul Gazelka told The Brainerd Dispatch:

“A bill in the legislature was designed to align the state tax bill with the federal tax bill, which underwent its biggest change since 1986 – included rate reductions for the lowest and middle income tax brackets.”

“What will happen now is people will file federal taxes under one set of rules and state taxes under a different set of rules, so it will be more complicated and more expensive.”

Now, Minnesotans will pay more than $400 million in additional taxes next year because Governor Dayton vetoed the tax reform bill in the state.

It’s ok  to declare silly proclamations like “Paul Simon Day,” and “Beyonce Day,” every once in a while, but these things are just window dressing on an otherwise unproductive administration.

So enjoy Paul Simon Day, and remember, you might have been able to afford a ticket had Governor Dayton signed the tax conformity bill. As it stands, your tax dollars are still Slip Slidin’ Away.