Green Energy Fails: Wind and Solar are NOT the Answer

Earlier this year, Minnesota lawmakers passed the “Blackout Bill,” a mandate forcing our state to get 100 percent of its electricity from carbon-free electricity sources by 2040. American Experiment’s research determined this legislation will lead to massive increases in electricity prices and rolling blackouts. 

Not only will this legislation make our grid more expensive and less reliable, but complying with the regulations will require huge tracts of land, much of it prime farmland. 

Wind and solar are not reliable enough to power a 21st century economy, and using prime farmland to produce intermittent energy instead of putting food on our tables is a mistake driven by massive taxpayer subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels. 

Minnesotans want electricity that is reliable first, affordable second, and with reduced carbon dioxide emissions third on our hierarchy of energy needs. 

Nuclear energy would check all three of these boxes, but liberal lawmakers refused to legalize the construction of new nuclear power plants in our state. 

Read more about the impacts of the Blackout Bill by reading the report below!

Governor Walz’s proposal would cost Minnesota $313 billion through 2050 and lead to blackouts.

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