Gridwatch 2022: Fear Mongering Edition

Statistically, this is the hottest week of the year. The Fear Porn has been cranked up to match the heat.

We’ve all seen the temperature gradient maps filled with blood:

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Europe, like the rest of the northern hemisphere, sees annual temperatures peak in the third week of July. There is a reason why everyone goes to the French Riviera in late summer, it’s ten degrees cooler there. Plus beaches.

In America, President Biden is using the occasion of the hottest week of the year (statistically) to travel to Massachusetts to declare a climate emergency, or something. Weather does not equal climate. Except when it does.

Here in Minnesota, local news outlets reported on where citizens could go to seek shelter from the heat, which topped out this week at…90 degrees. Keep in mind that the record temperature for the month is 105 degrees, set in the dust bowl days of 1934.

Luckily, the MidContinent’s electrical grid is holding up nicely. Currently, electrical loads have passed 105,000 MW’s, on the way to a daily peak of 120,000.

Source: MISO

Wind power is underperforming expectations, by a few thousand MW, and expected to drop further as the day progresses:

Don’t worry, natural gas and coal power have ramped up to cover the difference.

A little over 3 hours later, the total load is up about 10,000 MW.

Wind production is up about 2,000 MW from this morning (but still below forecast). Natural gas and coal have stepped up to close the gap. Stay cool, my friends!