Hair dryers won’t stop the coronavirus

As we scour the Internet for updates on the coronavirus epidemic, there is a lot of misinformation being spread about the virus that we shouldn’t believe. One inaccurate claim, which went viral on Facebook, is that using a blow dryer or sitting in a sauna to breathe in hot air can cure COVID-19 and stop its spread.

This is false. And according to medical professionals, dangerous. “Please don’t,” tweeted Faheem Younus, a specialist in infectious diseases at the University of Maryland. “Our nose carries bacteria, as part of normal flora. Those bacteria may get confused.”

The World Health Organization has reported that the virus can still be transmitted in hot and humid climates.

The video has apparently been removed from Facebook, but copies of it still exist, as uncovered by Snopes.

YouTube is working to remove videos spreading coronavirus myths from its platform and is directing viewers to verified videos on COVID-19 through its homepage.

These are interesting times we find ourselves in. Stay healthy, stay informed, and don’t fall for fake news.