Happy Birthday to Rebecca Friedrichs! Janus, what a gift.

Speaking of the Janus case…Mrs. Rebecca Friedrichs, a school teacher from California, challenged union agency fees as unconstitutional. Her case was heard by the Supreme Court just two years ago.

Everyone agreed that she won her case that day; even the unions expected a 5-4 opinion but then tragically Justice Scalia died before the decision was published.

Her case was like a dress rehearsal for the Janus victory today.

And guess when she found out that her case was tied 4-4 and would not be re-argued? On her birthday, June 27 of 2016.

What day is today? Rebecca’s Birthday!

Check out what Rebecca is up to now–she has started a movement that will change our country called “For Kids & Country”

The Janus decision is a momentous but right to work is not self-executing. Our work has just begun. How will you help?