Happy Labor Day! Let’s celebrate employee freedom.

Labor Day is about celebrating and honoring the American worker. And this includes celebrating the freedom of choice our dedicated public employees have regarding union membership.

After decades of forcing public employees to subsidize the political speech and agenda of government unions as a condition of employment, the Supreme Court restored the First Amendment rights of these employees last summer. This leaves the decision of financially supporting a union through membership with each individual worker.

Aside from protecting each worker’s freedom of association, if enough public employees decide union membership is not the right choice for them, it could encourage more flexible and responsive union officials in the workplace. The Center has heard from numerous government employees that they don’t feel the union is focused on their professional needs. Instead, they see the union focused on promoting their own power or political agenda, which is out of step with the rank and file. Yes, unions did secure important rights for our public employees, but they have strayed from their original purpose.

If you are a public employee weighing your choices regarding union membership, join us at EmployeeFreedomMN.com or EducatedTeachersMN.com.

While a three-day weekend is nice, there is much more to celebrate: workplace choice, employee freedom, and giving more workers more rights.