Help level the playing field in Minnesota, donate today and see it doubled

In the last legislative session, the Minnesota state government, led by the DFL trifecta, voted to give $225 million taxpayer dollars direct to nonprofits. We don’t get a penny of that.

We are the leading voice in Minnesota in favor of smaller government, free market principles. But, when it comes to financial resources, we are heavily outgunned by those who would lobby for the state government to take more of your money in taxes and control more of your life.

There is something you can do about that. Today is Give to the Max Day, an annual event for Minnesotans to support nonprofit organizations through donations. Thanks to our supporters, any donation we receive today will be doubled!

We are proud to be supported by thousands of Minnesotans across the state and our median donation is less than $100. Please consider joining them.

If you find our work important, please consider donating here. Again, any donation received today will be doubled.

Now we return to our regular programming…