Here is the mission of public education in Minnesota

Today’s post is simply a reminder of the mission of public education in Minnesota, as written in state statutes. May it prompt necessary next steps to return public education in the state to a top K-12 system, as too many of the goals below are not being realized.


120A.03 Mission Statement.

The mission of public education in Minnesota, a system for lifelong learning, is to ensure individual academic achievement, an informed citizenry, and a highly productive work force. This system focuses on the learner, promotes and values diversity, provides participatory decision making, ensures accountability, models democratic principles, creates and sustains a climate for change, provides personalized learning environments, encourages learners to reach their maximum potential, and integrates and coordinates human services for learners. The public schools of this state shall serve the needs of the students by cooperating with the students’ parents and legal guardians to develop the students’ intellectual capabilities and lifework skills in a safe and positive environment.