HF 2666: provides up to $1,200 per month…for doing nothing

A bill to establish a “basic income” program was introduced today at the Minnesota state legislature. HF 2666/SF 2559 were introduced into their respective bodies and would provide $100 million per year for a basic income pilot program.

In the House, HF 2666 is authored by state Rep. Athena Hollins (DFL-St. Paul) along with four co-authors. It was referred to the Children and Families Committee.

In the Senate, HF 2559 is authored by state Sen. Omar Fateh (DFL-Minneapolis). We’ve been tracking Sen. Fateh’s many, many scandals here. His bill also has four co-authors and has been referred to the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee.

The bill would provide between $350 and $1,200 per month (line 2.6) to recipients, “depending on the need” (line 2.8). “Need” is not defined in the bill.

The money would not be given directly to recipients by the state. Instead, the money would be distributed as grants to local governments and nonprofits, to redistribute in turn. Grantees would decide the eligibility criteria for basic income recipients. Recipients would receive the monthly cash payments for 1 to 2 years.

Other than low income, no criteria for recipients are specified, but those doling out our money “must not require any other income, proof of residency or citizenship or identifying documentation of any recipient.” (Lines 2.16-2.17, Emphasis added)

What could go wrong?

But, as they say on TV, “Wait, that’s not all!”

Moving ahead at the legislature is HF 2008, which would provide free money to “homeless youth” in the amount of $1,000, $1,200, (per month) or $4,000 (one time), depending on circumstances. All tax free, of course.

The legislature is devoting $3 million per year for this purpose.