Hope vs. Reality – 4th of 4 Minneapolis Weekend Recaps

In May the City of Minneapolis announced its “Warehouse District Live” plan to bring foot traffic back to downtown Minneapolis on weekend nights — June through October. The plan blocks off part of 1st Avenue North to vehicular traffic between 7 pm and 3 am. Food trucks, music stages, and other entertainment have been brought in to attract people to the area.

We thought it would be helpful to document the criminal activity occurring alongside this effort to draw people back downtown. This represents the 4th of four weekend recaps that demonstrate a significant disconnect between the city’s hopes and the city’s reality.

Independent photojournalist Rebecca Brannon posted these videos of downtown this weekend — a weekend that included Pride events and two successive Taylor Swift concerts at US Bank Stadium. The mainstream media trumpeted reports that these events would attract Superbowl-level activity downtown. The videos show a much different view.

@CrimeWatchMpls also continues to provide important content as it documents police activity by monitoring live police calls. The following bulleted criminal activity was culled from @CrimeWatchMpls’s Twitter feed this past weekend in Minneapolis. The recaps demonstrate a significant level of mayhem and dysfunction in Minneapolis — activity that is nearly all dismissed or ignored by traditional media sources.    

  • Several people detained at a residence at 13xx Irving Ave N (near Plymouth) following a fleeing vehicle crash. Red Traverse. Requesting back up. Six people with hands up, and three dogs.
  • Shotspotter activation 5 rounds. Police in the area also heard shots. 33xx 3rd Ave S
  • Carjacking at gunpoint. 44xx 15th Ave S Loss: Gray Camry Suspect: BM, face mask, black sweater
  • Area of 22nd to 23rd and Wilson to Taft St NE, report of prowlers in the alley checking house doors. White sedan, one suspect is in a blue camo hoodie.
  • Shotspotter 8 rounds. 35xx Logan Ave N
  • Smoking suspected fentanyl in The Commons park #MplsDowntown
  • Several reports of volleys of shots near 19th and Nicollet Ave
  • Report of a non-resident WM trying to steal a TV from the lobby. 1117 Marquette Ave #MplsDowntown
  • Report of auto theft in the last 5 minutes. 911 caller said their house was broken into and the keys were taken while they were inside. 18xx 3rd St NE.
  • After 9 p.m., initial report of a shooting near W Broadway Ave and Emerson Ave N. Suspects ran toward US Bank.
  • One fleeing from State Patrol in #NEMPLS off 35W and E Hennepin Ave. Now fighting with one, taser deployed.
  • Shooting following a report of shots at Chicago and E Franklin Ave. 00:50 Police arrived, male down. Requesting crime scene tape.
  • Shotspotter activation and now a report of a shooting. Logan and Lowry Ave N
  • Report of assault at W Franklin and Hennepin Ave
  • Report of a group lighting firecrackers underneath vehicles. 27th and Emerson Ave S #UptownMpls
  • MPD confirms the fatal shooting we reported near E Franklin Ave and Chicago Ave. A male in his 30s died of his injuries. An argument was heard prior to the shots.
  • Before 3 a.m., a victim was robbed and assaulted by 4-5 BM in #MplsDowntown. Victim was found outside the Saloon and was hospitalized with head injuries and was unresponsive. Two females were also with the suspects. A bystander captured video of the assault.
  • Police report that other officers are breaking up several fights. At least one civilian is injured in the head/face. 1st Ave N and 3rd St N #MplsDowntown
  • Minneapolis – Head-on crash involving a wrong-way driver on eastbound 394 near #MplsDowntown.
  • Shotspotter activation. Plus a 911 caller reports hearing shots. 36xx Russell Ave N
  • Shotspotter activation 19 rounds 39xx Colfax Ave N Three BM suspects were seen fleeing the area BM, 15-19, dreads, blue medical mask, blue zip-up, with a gun
  • Report of a shirtless male firing off rounds into the air at 35xx 11th Ave S Shotspotter at 38xx Chicago Ave near #GeorgeFloydSquare
  • Police were checking out a Shotspotter activation at 36th and Columbus Ave, and said they heard shots fired in the area. Possibly someone driving around firing shots, they said.
  • Minneapolis – One unconscious on the Metro Transit LRT holding at Prospect Park. Responders arrived and said it looks like an overdose.
  • Transit police report hearing possible shots at 3rd Ave N and 5th St N. #Swiftieapolis #MplsDowntown
  • We’re receiving messages about shots heard in the area of 27th and Blaisdell Ave S. Police are also in the area checking.
  • Three BM, 14 to 16, throwing rocks at passing vehicles, possibly to get them to stop to carjack them. 11th and Hennepin Ave in #Swiftieapolis #MplsDowntown
  • Police help call. East Phillips Park. Taser deployed on a suspect. They had been on site with a “group” in the men’s bathroom.
  • Report of a shooting. BM victim was pushed out of a white car. Reportedly shot in the stomach. 34th and Fremont Ave N
  • About 5:50 p.m., a juvenile BM fled from a vehicle. The vehicle may have been involved in some crashes. Other juveniles were seen fleeing after one of the crashes. One may have been carrying a gun. Police found a phone and glasses of one of the suspects. 35th and Morgan Ave N
  • Robbery of person at gunpoint. 3rd and Hennepin Ave
  • Resident discovered bullet damage to their window and a bullet embedded in their wall this morning. 5xx Main St SE, Mill & Main apts Near the Stone Arch Bridge #Swiftieapolis
  • Robbery at gunpoint and shots fired at the Stone Arch Bridge. Loss: gun Suspects: Groups of juveniles, main suspects two BM, teens to 20.
  • Overnight business burglary. Police arrived to a broken front door. The business was checked with a K9. Crime Lab was requested to process the scene. 28xx Nicollet Ave, restaurant
  • A burglary of Lock and Dam Number One was discovered this morning. Unknown damage or loss. 5000 W River Parkway S
  • Report of one stabbed in the face. Second EMS rig for one stabbed in the neck. Police arrived, “he’s bleeding out.” 37xx 1st Ave S
  • Police report hearing 10-12 gunshots near Sander Dr. #Bossen
  • Metro Transit PD requesting more squads at the Lake St LRT platform for one resisting arrest. 2310 E Lake St Supervisor requested for use of force. Gun recovered. 21:35 #Swiftieapolis #Mpls
  • Several reports of narcotics use at the 5th and Nicollet LRT station #Mplsdowntown. #Swiftieapolis
  • Robbery of person and assault at/near the Guthrie. #MplsDowntown #Swiftieapolis Loss: phone and bike
  • Carjacking at gunpoint. 26th and Columbus Ave S
  • Hennepin County out with a vehicle containing one with 3 felony warrants. 12th and Nicollet Mall
  • #UptownMpls theater with some new defacing.
  • 911 caller said she gave a ride to a male she doesn’t know, and he took her keys and ran. BM in B/W clothing. 30 S 7th St outside the Marriott
  • Report of a Hispanic M who broke a window and threw a bag on fire into the house. Smoke showing. MFD requesting MPD to assist. 8xx Queen Ave N
  • Before 9 a.m., report of 5 people smoking narcotics on the sidewalk outside Elan Uptown Luxury Apartments. 28xx Emerson Ave S
  • Early morning burglary of vacant house discovered. The copper was taken and natural gas was leaking. 28xx Oakland Ave
  • Sound of shots, possible “switch.” 14xx 11th Ave, #MplsDowntown

Does this activity and the activity recorded in the Rebecca Brannon video represent the atmosphere in Minneapolis that local media outlets are reporting? Does it represent the kind of atmosphere a responsible city should encourage visitors to? The answer is no.

It is in our collective best interest for Minneapolis to rebound and succeed. That won’t happen by sticking our heads in the sand and pretending everything is fine. Minneapolis needs to put the horse back in front of the wagon before gambling with the safety of visitors.