IlluminEd will shine a light on Minnesota’s education system

Center of the American Experiment launched a new website and parent chat tool today that will shine the light of accountability on the state’s education system as it moves further and further away from the values of Minnesota families. The website also features a parent chat page where parents can join conversations with others in their local school district about current education issues such as Critical Race Theory or school referendums.

The new website includes the latest news in education reform and resources to inform and empower parents and the public. The resources include a “woketionary” of terms and a page on how to communicate with school leadership. The parent chat section has a statewide forum and individual forums organized by local school district boundaries.

“This site was developed to sustain the energy we’ve experienced from thousands of Minnesotans as we travel the state on the Raise Our Standards tour,” said Catrin Wigfall, education policy fellow at Center of the American Experiment. “IlluminEDMN will give parents concerned with Critical Race Theory and the draft of social studies standards a forum to continue the conversation and influence their local school board.”

American Experiment also conducted a campaign school this summer for candidates running for the school board in the 2021 election. The non-partisan school was attended by over 30 school board candidates.

The Raise Our Standards tour continues next week with stops in Chaska, Shoreview and Monticello.