In the Tank Ep 193, ICCC13, Automation, and THE FUTURE

Before getting to the content, Donald talks about the future portrayed in the blockbuster movie Ready Player One. In this depiction of the future, trailers are stacked five or six high. It is yet another example of the pessimistic view of the society in the future. The group contrasts this dreary outlook with the reality that prosperity and the quality of life on the planet is getting better.

In the first real segment of the show, Jim talks about The Heartland Institute’s upcoming 13th International Conference on Climate Change. In addition to the information about the conference, the group talks about the arguments they find most compelling in combating the climate alarmist narrative.

Donald then welcomes on Ed Hudgins, Research Director at The Heartland Institute. Ed joins the show to talk about a range of technology topics from Free to Choose Medicine to Automation. Ed explains how this technology has led to a wealth of prosperity.
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In the last segment, Justin talks about a recent article he wrote for Fox News titled “AOC and Bernie Sanders want to turn post offices into banks.” Justin explains why this is a proposal and why the proposal is a terrible idea.