In The Tank (EP185)- Jonathan Williams and the Pension Crisis; Green Real Deal; and the Electoral College

Hello! This week’s episode of the In The Tank Podcast features work  from the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Center of the American Experiment and the Cato Institute.

In the first segment, Donald welcomes to the show, Jonathan Williams, chief economist and vice president of the center for state fiscal reform at the American Legislative Exchange Council. Jonathan joins the show to talk about a new ALEC study titled “Unaccountable and Unaffordable.” Jonathan explains the state of the pension crisis, how it got so bad and what reforms we can enact to shore up these entitlement programs.

In the next section, Donald, Jim, and Isaac talk about the newly introduced Green Real Deal proposed by Florida Representative Matt Gaetz. The trio dissect the plan and show how it is an extremely watered down version of AOC’s Green New Deal.

In the last segment, the trio talks about a development in a number of states where legislatures are enacting legislation that would force the state to pledge their electoral college votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote regardless of turnout in the state itself. This ludicrous plan is an end-around to repealing the Electoral College as a whole.

Supplemental piece: Cato Institute – In Defense of the Electoral College