In The Tank (ep188) – Facebook Censors Haskins, Warren’s College Debt Scam, and Booster Seats

In the first segment, Justin Haskins gives us a play-by-play of his ordeal with Facebook. Facebook banned Justin‘s ad account for publishing an anti-socialism video on the platform. After months of appeals, Facebook continued to stand by their decision. It was not until Justin published an article describing the situation on that they reversed their decision and reinstated Justin’s account.

In the next segment, the trio tackles Senator Elizabeth Warren’s college debt relief plan. Using a Heritage Foundation article, titled “Elizabeth Warren’s Debt ‘Cancellation’ Plan Would Make College More Expensive, Not Less,” as a leaping off point, they dissect this plan and discuss why plans like this are even taken seriously.

Last, they talk about a new law passed in Washington that would force middle school children to use booster seats if they are too short.