In The Tank (ep188) – Terrible Earth Day Predictions, Socialism, and Free to Choose Medicine

In the first segment, the trio talk about Earth Day. They talk about an article from the Property & Environment Research Center titled “This Earth Day, Try Conservation Optimism.” The author makes the case that we are making great strides in fight of environmental conservation and that we should thank economic growth and freedom.

Additionally, on the topic of Earth Day, the three take a look at an article from the American Enterprise Institute titled “18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions Made Around the Time of First Earth Day in 1970, Expect More This Year.” How do people take these alarmists seriously when their track record is so off?

In the next segment, they take on Bernie Sanders call for Disney’s CEO‘s salary being divided among the employees of Disney. In this scenario, Disney employees would get an additional $320 a month – before taxes. This highlights a concept discussed in a Reason Foundation article titled “The Socialist Fantasy.”

Additional resource – Johan Norberg’s documentary on Sweden.

In the last segment, Donald welcomes to the show Christina Herrin, Campaign Manager for the Free to Choose Medicine project here at The Heartland Institute. Christina joins the show to talk about Free to Choose Medicine and how this concept could save many lives.