In their own words – social studies standards committee not hiding their push for “equity”

Gov. Tim Walz appointed a committee of 45 people to rewrite the social studies standards for Minnesota’s K-12 schools.

We wrote extensively about their first draft and how it left out key historical facts and subjects such as the study of communism, World Wars, and even the Holocaust.

We also wrote about the makeup of the committee, stacked with disproportionate representation from Native American groups and liberal organizations dedicated to advancing today’s version of political correctness known as “equity.”

Today we released an audio compilation of committee members from a recent meeting discussing the social studies standards draft and their efforts to add ethnic studies, equity, and what they call “historical context” to the list of things our students should know about history, economics, geography and civics.

It’s easy to laugh at some of the things they say in the video but the power this group has on what our kids will be taught is not funny. They are on a mission to divide us into subgroups based on the color of our skin and rewrite the history of our country through the lens of undefined terms like “equity” and “ethnic studies.”

Future drafts of these standards will be subject to public comment and input, but ultimately the Walz administration has the power to foist them on local schools through the rule making process.

In their own words: