It’s not too late for progress in Minnesota education — tell legislators to fund students over systems

While legislative leaders and Gov. Tim Walz announced a framework of a budget deal before the regular session adjourned, a special session in June is needed to complete their work. K-12 education received a big spending hike, but the details of the education omnibus bill are still up in the air — meaning there is still time for you to tell legislators and Gov. Walz that funding students over systems through expanded educational freedom is now more important than ever.

The Education Savings Account provision included in the Senate version of the education omnibus bill is supported by parents across the state of Minnesota, particularly among families of color. Through ESAs, kids in low-performing public school districts and those limited to a distance or hybrid learning model would have access to a different school and a variety of other educational services — such as tutoring or supplemental curriculum, mental health treatment or special education services and therapy, to name a few.

Equipping families with more control and flexibility over their children’s education would help open the door to success that many students have been denied. “I am so sick of the failing education establishment talking about ‘equity,'” parent Kofi Montzka shared with Opportunity for All Kids. “If they really want equity, they would provide a quality education or allow all students a real ability to go elsewhere when their school is failing them. There will never be equity if a child can’t read or write.”

Source: The Exodus Minnesota

Montzka and the four other moms who started the pro-excellence in education organization The Exodus Minnesota led a rally in front of the Governor’s Mansion several weeks ago calling on Gov. Walz to “take this monumental opportunity to give kids a better future by supporting Education Savings Accounts.” Nearly 150 Minnesotans joined in support, holding signs that read, “United for School Choice” and “Choice Means Hope.”

Please send a message to Gov. Walz and your legislators so they know that expanding educational freedom is wanted by families across the state. States across the country are prioritizing students over systems, and it’s time for Minnesota to catch up. Our students deserve better.