It’s Your Money!

The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns have wreaked serious havoc on Minnesota’s economy. What started out as a projected $1.5 million budget surplus is now a projected $2.4 billion budget deficit. The rainy day fund is now gone and the projected deficit foreshadows an intricate battle over the purse strings this upcoming legislative session.

The state legislative session doesn’t start for several more weeks, but lawmakers are already bent on raising taxes. Minnesotans are already some of the most highly taxed Americans and are tired of forking over increasingly larger portions of their money to the government. Instead of raising taxes, the current Administration running this state should learn how to balance the books more efficiently. Don’t raise taxes; cut spending.

To prove to Minnesotans just how inefficiently our tax dollars are spent, American Experiment embarks on a quest to find the most wasteful, useless, and just plain silly government expenditures.

The Golden Turkey Award is bestowed upon the most bird-brained examples of waste in state government; the silly spending that invokes a facepalm for any common-sense person.

Here are the nominees for the inaugural Golden Turkey Award, click here to learn more about the nominees and vote for your favorite.