Judge Barnette will bring humility and leadership to Minneapolis Community Safety

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced today that he was nominating Todderick Barnette, current Chief Judge of the 4th Judicial District (Hennepin County) to become the city’s second Commissioner of Community Safety.

If approved by the City Council on September 21, Barnette would officially replace Cedrick Alexander who served just over a year in the same position.

The nomination is a positive move for public safety in Minneapolis. Judge Barnette brings a wealth of experience and the respect of criminal justice system leaders across Hennepin County.

“I know public safety is a top priority for Minneapolis and the residents who live here. I am dedicated to implementing effective strategies that address crime prevention, community policing, and the overall safety and well-being of Minneapolis residents and visitors. I am grateful for this opportunity and eager to work collaboratively with local, county, and state leaders to develop innovative solutions that promote safety and foster positive relationships between law enforcement, the city, and the community.”

Judge Barnette

I have worked closely with Judge Barnette for several years and know him to be a talented leader who will include the right people in discussions to find the right solutions. He won’t shy away from making tough decisions, and won’t be pushed around.

One of his qualities, in my opinion, is his humility to admit if he’s wrong or isn’t sure about something. Another is his ability to get along with a wide variety of people. Those qualities will serve him well in this new dynamic position.

There are significant public safety challenges facing Minneapolis in 2023. The addition of Judge Barnette will provide the city with critical leadership and instant credibility with a wide variety of stakeholders.

As I’ve written many times — it is in our collective interest to see Minneapolis succeed. Today’s developments make that success more likely.