Labor union gets called out for #MeToo hypocrisy

Source: Center for Union Facts

Just over two years ago, sexual misconduct accusations rocked Hollywood and fueled the #MeToo movement’s drive against sexual impropriety.

But predators aren’t just in Hollywood, according to the Center for Union Facts’ newly launched #TimesUpSEIU campaign.

Today, the Center for Union Facts launched its #TimesUpSEIU campaign to hold the Service Employees International Union and its political allies accountable for sexual harassment allegations against union leaders.

The national education campaign highlights sworn testimony, legal documents, and interviews from current and former SEIU employees that describe a culture “plagued by sexual misconduct scandals.” Employees claim SEIU President Mary Kay Henry knew about many of the accusations and did little to intervene.

During tonight’s Democratic debate, a 30-second video ad will air on CNN, and the campaign “will also ask viewers to sign a petition to ‘stand against bad behavior by SEIU officials.’”

#TimesUpSEIU sheds light on the hypocrisy of a union that has criticized other employers for sexual misconduct, while failing to address this behavior within the union to the satisfaction of victims. It also aims to ensure the public as well as politicians at the federal, state, and local level are aware of the allegations against the union and are committed to holding the SEIU accountable.

The SEIU’s political power is no excuse for turning a blind eye to allegations against union leaders.

The Center’s multi-year advocacy efforts on behalf of thousands of in-home caregivers in Minnesota led to a federal rule change that allows Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) to keep the government aid intended for them rather than paying hundreds of dollars in dues each year to the SEIU. According to estimates based on federal filings, the SEIU in Minnesota skimmed $4.7 million from PCAs’ Medicaid payments in 2016.