Larvita McFarquhar Gets Her License Taken Away

(Lynd, MN) – Larvita McFarquhar, a single mom of four daughters, decided that she was going to stand up to Governor Walz’s latest shutdown order closing bars and restaurants despite the data showing that only 1.7% of Minnesotans COVID-19 cases stem from those establishments.

Larvita held an open mic night event at her bar, Haven’s Garden. The event was widely promoted, and as soon as state officials caught on, Larvita was hounded with calls. But despite the warnings, she opened her doors and her community showed up for her. Now, she is facing the consequences. American Experiment got the opportunity to drive down to Lynd and speak with Larvita. Here is her story:

If you agree with Larvita, click here to send a letter to Governor Walz, telling him to return common sense to Minnesota’s COVID-19 policies.