Learn from the mistakes of others — reject ‘progressive’ prosecutors

In 2019, San Francisco voters elected a “progressive” prosecutor named Chesa Boudin, who ran on a promise to bring about “radical change.” The change San Francisco residents received has been disastrous — rampant street crime, homelessness, skyrocketing murder, and an unwillingness to hold anyone accountable. 

Similar experiences have been had in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and dozens of other metropolitan areas. Each of these problem areas has a common denominator — progressive prosecutors helped into office by $40 million in election funding from George Soros. The promise of radical change has led to radical increases in street crime and a drastic lowering of the quality of life for residents and businesses.

Recall efforts for many of these prosecutors are underway. Boudin’s recall election tomorrow will lead the way. “Polls indicate his ouster is supported by the majority of residents in a famously liberal city….”

Those serious about public safety understand how important it is to oust Boudin. Minnesotans must learn from the mistakes of others and reject “progressive” prosecutors before they get in office — not after.