Let’s Talk Janus on MPR Tuesday with Kerri Miller: Public Employee Union Case

Kim Crockett will join Kerri Miller on MPR tomorrow, Tuesday June 19th for an hour at 9:00 AM (91.1 FM) to discuss the public employee union fee case, Janus v Afscme. They will be joined by Jon Shelton, who studies the history of unions at UW-Green Bay. The High Court will rule by the end of June. If Janus wins his argument that being forced to pay agency fees violates the First Amendment, Minnesota and the nation’s public sector will be right-to-work. Please join the conversation by calling 651-227-6000 or 800-242-2828.

Here is a picture of Kim with Rebecca Friedrichs (Friedrichs v CTA, the original Janus case that ended 4-4 when Justice Scalia died ) and St. Paul school teacher Aaron Benner. They attended the oral argument for Mark Janus last February.