Line 3 Gets Final Approval, Allowing Construction to Move Forward

Yesterday, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency approved the final stormwater permits needed for the Line 3 replacement project. Construction on the pipeline can now begin, creating 4,500 jobs and reducing the risk of an oil spill in Northern Minnesota. It will also increase America’s national security by increasing the amount of oil we import from Canada, reducing the need to buy oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela.

American Experiment has written several articles on why the pipeline replacement project should have broad bi-partisan support from anyone who is seeking to maximize the economic benefits of affordable energy while also minimizing our impact on the environment. You can access these articles below.

The key question will be if Governor Walz will try to delay the pipeline again. Anti-pipeline activists are urging him to put the project on hold to slow the spread of COVID-19, but it is impossible to believe this is a genuine concern for public health because it is clear pipeline protesters plan to gather in Northern Minnesota to delay the project to the best of their ability. It is simply a new excuse to delay a project they were always going to oppose in the first place.