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The Futility of Socialism

I was moved by Ron Eibensteiner’s grasp of the futility of socialism (“Saplings,” Fall 2018). I am saving the article for reference. He gets it.

-John Brisson

Where to Cut?

If the average Minnesotan believes 20 percent of state spending is wasted, (Thinking Minnesota Poll, Fall 2018) please point out specifically where this waste takes place. Yes, let’s root out waste. But let’s also do what is necessary and tax accordingly for what is needed for the best interests of all Minnesotans.

Here in Otter Tail County, due to the lack of state and federal funding to augment dollars levied here, a half-cent, county-wide sales tax was enacted. This will raise about $3.8 million annually for roads and bridges. Additionally, the county assessed a $20 fee per vehicle license renewal that will add approximately $1.2 million annually for repairs of roads and bridges. County residents, at public hearings, overwhelmingly supported these tax increases for road and bridge work prior to being enacted by the five-person county board of commissioners.

Residents said that doing nothing and putting family members at risk on roads and bridges that need repair was not an option. They remember the collapse of the I-35 bridge in 2007, which two years earlier was deemed as “structurally deficient.”

-Tom Hintgen, Fergus Falls

School Shootings

I disagree with educator Rebekah Hagstroms’ position (“Learned Behavior,” Fall 2018) that values and virtues are not taught enough, which has led to the large number of school shootings we are experiencing in our society. She suggests a return to virtues such as brotherly love, forgiveness, respect and honesty. These are already being taught daily through the “diversity movement.” We all are taught to celebrate differences, to respect others, to be non-judgmental, etc. Unfortunately, much of it seems to be falling on deaf ears. The causes for the random shootings are many, not just the lack of values and virtue. I suspect the main cause is simply the presence of opportunity. Reduce the opportunity for mass violence and you will reduce its occurrence. Not many seem to be willing to take this necessary step.

-John Kosa, St. Louis Park

Avid Readers

We received your latest magazine yesterday, and we are so surprised and glad! We are avid readers and members of The Heritage Foundation, and what a relief we have one of our own in Minnesota!

-Dan and Rebecca Lansing, Cambridge