Mail bag

Revolving Door

Thank you for your factual and informative article, “Revolving Door Courthouses.” I hope that more people will see how corrupt the judicial system can be with the revolving door criminals. I am active with the Innocence Project and see the reverse of this. It is very disheartening to see how repeat offenders are treated and then people who are wrongfully convicted sit in prison for too many years.

Keep speaking out about this, and I hope progress is made.

Audrey Edmunds
Fridley, MN

Watching the Fed

In Peter J. Nelson’s excellent article regarding the meddling of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve in Minnesota state politics, he writes “Under the U.S. Constitution, states hold dual sovereignty with the federal government” and cites in support U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s opinion in Gregory v. Ashcroft, “…this is a fundamental principle of federalism ‘every schoolchild learns.’” How wonderful that it was once so. How sad that it no longer is.

Carl Baer
Eden Prairie, MN

Giving Thanks

Thank you for your work. In today’s world, it is difficult to find the truth. The radio stations we listened to growing up (trusting them with their news) are no longer even an option to be a trusted news source. Local radio stations are allowed limited “top of the hour” news sources and aren’t the choice they would even want.

The Minnesota News Network is also so slanted in choosing certain words and topics that fit their mission. We have had to get smarter in getting our news sources. With our freedom being challenged daily, it is especially important to stand up for our beliefs and the Constitution.

Anita Harmala
Dassel, MN

Withering Hope

When I read the magazine stories, my heart always sinks. I cannot believe what happened to Kim Potter and wonder why anyone would want to be a cop anymore.

I feel like we’ve lost the battle in our country while evil prevails, and people refuse to do the right thing. Oh, I forgot, there is NO MORE right and wrong. It’s only “my truth” that matters.

I admire your work, but honestly, our country will never be the same. So discouraging.

JoAnn Grundhauser
White Bear Lake, MN

Best Practices

I recently retired as a Probation Officer in Hennepin County. I spent 32 years dealing with the criminals of Hennepin County and dealing with the prosecutors and “judges” on the bench. I can tell you from personal experience in the past 5-7 years the bench has become such a disappointment to corrections. Our experience has been replaced by “good feeling progressive policies,” along with “best practices.” I saw first-hand clients who had been sentenced to extensive prison sentences deferred because the client was deemed “amenable to probation.” Trust me, a person in jail will say ANYTHING to get out of jail and to be found “amenable” to probation. Many times, clients were released to go to treatment where they stayed a few hours or days then disappeared, only to be picked up later (anywhere from a few days to several months) with a new charge, and an updated request for treatment, then be released and disappear…over and over. It’s about time someone printed the truth about the minimal punishment that the court is passing out. Thank you for shining a light on a major problem why crime is out of control.

Brian Campbell