Minnesotan on the move

Peter Nelson’s updated report.

Minnesotans on the Move, used IRS data to disclose that an alarming number of people are moving to lower tax states in the year after the Dayton administration $2 billion tax increase, costing Minnesota nearly $1 billion in adjusted gross income between 2013 and 2014.

The report (this issue’s cover story, page 24) prompted a flurry of speech requests and media appearances for Nelson. He is shown here with Twin Cities Business editor Dale Kurschner on the set of At Issue, KSTP-TV’s weekly public affairs program, with host Tom Hauser. Kurschner wrote a similar piece as a cover story for Twin Cities Business. The two also testified at the legislature and cohosted a webinar on the topic.

“Dale’s study is very consistent with what I found,” Nelson said. “It is a great combination of studies because I look at the data, show the inflow and outflow of people and income. He went out and asked people why they were leaving.”

The report also had an impact at the legislature. “It got a lot of attention here,” said Representative Matt Dean (R- Dellwood). “People have to see that tax increases have real world consequences. I think it is one of the best reports the Center has ever produced.”