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Thinking Minnesota: Issue 4, Spring 2016

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Cover 6-16

Recent Issues

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 10, Winter 2018

    Eibensteiner: Debate? Not Likely | Peter Nelson takes job in Trump Administration | Mark Steyn speaks to crowd of 1,000 | Steward: Maplewood dismantles its solar project | Crockett: Minnesota’s unfunded pension liabilities exceed $118 billlion | Kersten testifies against race-based discipline policies in St. Paul schools | Unions smell defeat | Pearlstein: Thanks for the well-done roast | Poem: Mitch at the Bat | Advice for young conservatives | Star Parker’s indictment of liberal policy-making | Lynn Shelton: Proven value of manufacturing careers | Center launches planned giving program | New Center Greater Minnesota outreach project | Inside the obsession with ‘White Privilege’ that is roiling Edina’s public schools | Phelan: Minnesota is NOT the ‘blue state that works’ | Jon Lauck: No region has suffered more from historical neglect than the Midwest | Hinderaker: Center finishes unprecedented year!

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 9, Fall 2017

    Eibensteiner: E is for Education | Crockett: Met Council admits it has not won the light rail argument | Nelson: Landmark legal victory forces St. Paul to come clean about fees | Steward: Rothman’s baseless lawsuits at Commerce | Liberal narrative on border battle with WI upended | $15 minimum wage champion Ellison doesn’t pay his interns | Education Minnesota hides its ‘opt out’ provision | Pearlstein: The virtues of religious community | Lunch forum with poverty fighter Star Parker Nov. 7th | Meet CAE’s impressive summer interns | Dan Juntunen: Leaders should focus on preparing people to fill jobs that already exist | Kirsten Kukowski returns to Minnesota from DC | Meet Pari Cariaga, Center’s new event and donor relations coordinator | Nelson: Minnesota’s string of IT disasters | Kersten: Gold in a two-year degree | Phelan: Understanding economic incentives | Hinderaker: Preview of CAE’s agressive new initiatives

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 8, Summer 2017

    American freedoms | EdFacts | Government’s war on commuters | MN demographic challenge | Dayton’s rich-vs.-the-rest fallacy | House looks at SEIU home worker contract | Tom Cotton headlines CAE dinner | CAE’s newest video: Parents basement | Men without work | Pearlstein on school choice | John Phelan, CAE first staff economist | State of MN Agriculture | 7 things the legislature still needs to do | Interview with exonerated CEO Howard Root | CAE’s Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree Project | Hinderaker on complacency

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 7, Spring 2017

    DC’s View of the Met Council | Crockett: MN Refugee Time-Out Needed | Because of Pensions There is No Budget Surplus | Making the Met Council Accountable | The Future of Work | The War on Cops | Sen. Tom Cotton to Keynote CAE Dinner June 17 | The Power of School Choice | Pearlstein on Political Predictions | David Lebedoff: Uncivil War | Young Leadership Council | New Staff: Catrin Thorman | 5 Questions with Rookie | Randal O’Toole: How the Met Council Misplans the Twin Cities | How Liberal Policies Betray America’s Young | Kersten on St. Paul Schools: No Thug Left Behind | Peter Nelson: Health Care Death Spiral | Hinderaker: My Conservative Vision for Minnesota

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 6, Winter 2017

    Interview w/ Heather Mac Donald about The War on Cops | Why Minnesota’s Border Counties Can’t Compete | Xcel’s Wind Program | MNsure’s Hidden Costs | Jonah Goldberg | Rethinking Post-Secondary | Refugees in MN | CAE Road Show in Greater MN | Minimum Wage | CAE at the Fair | Individual Responsibility | Union Abuse | CAE’s Banner Year

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 5, Fall 2016

    Minnesota’s Economy: Mediocre at Best. Set aside the hype: Minnesota lags national averages in a wide range of economic indicators, exposing deep vulnerabilities for the future.

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 4, Spring 2016

    Minnesota is losing taxpayers and their income to lower-tax states. Kersten: How ‘equity’ policies lead to chaos in St. Paul schools.

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 3, Winter 2016

    Mitch Pearlstein interviews John Hinderaker as he becomes the new president of Center of the American Experiment.

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 2, October 2015

    Do Minnesotans escape the estate tax? The weight of the evidence points to a strong yes.