Marxist School for communists coming to Minneapolis

Communists are hosting a weekend event centered on “Marxist theory and revolutionary strategy” in Minneapolis from Sept. 30-Oct. 1.

The event series, titled “2023 Marxist School,” will focus on organizing communists “in a cohesive revolutionary party with the correct Marxist theory and program for the transformation of society.” It is being organized by Socialist Revolution, the U.S. section of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), whose goal is to “overthrow” capitalism with its “trained Marxist cadres” using the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky.

According to the Socialist Revolution website:

The capitalism system is the root cause of the poverty, racism, violence, instability, and humiliation suffered by the exploited and oppressed. … Join the communists and fight for socialist revolution in our lifetime!

Some of the organization’s goals include: an immediate and indefinite moratorium on evictions, with residents of foreclosed properties allowed to stay in their homes; socialize the health care system; nationalize health insurance, medical equipment, pharmaceutical industries, hospital networks and related clinics; nationalize private universities and colleges; abolish tuition and fees and cancel student debt; provide students with at least $1,250 per week through living grants and paid internships; no means testing, vouchers, charter schools or privatization; fully paid parental leave for up to two years after birth or adoption; free full-time childcare facilities; abolish the death penalty and release all political prisoners; no walls, deportation centers or border control; “genuine” reparations achieved by expropriating capitalists; abolish all capital trade; slash the military budget; public ownership and control over mining, logging, transport, oil, gas, and other energy and natural resources; nationalize food distribution.

The two-day Minneapolis Marxist School will be held at the Mixed Blood Theatre, a theater company focused on social justice in Minneapolis. Other Marxist Schools will be held in New York City, Phoenix, and Bellingham.