Media Outrage Over White House “Block” is a Double Standard

President Trump’s speech today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) called out reporters who don’t “represent the people.”

Hours later the White House prevented certain news organizations from attending an off-camera briefing.

And those ousted from the gaggle began hyperventilating.

First things first, a press gaggle is an informal briefing by the White House Press Secretary. It’s not an event the entire press corps attends.

The Star Tribune described the decision as a “highly unusual breach of relations with the press corps.” Now whether or not this was a smart move by the administration is up for debate. But it’s actually not unusual. Past presidents, from both parties, have self-selected which media representatives they want present, even clearing out the press altogether.

So it’s important to not get caught up in selective outrage. And while reporters do have the freedom to call the White House’s actions “unacceptable,” I wonder why similar accusations weren’t made by CNN, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times when the Obama administration blocked the press and booted reporters from conservative papers.

I think I know their answer.