Minneapolis residents: Sign our petition to keep Uber and Lyft

Tell Minneapolis not to cancel Uber and Lyft!

In an effort to boost driver pay, the Minneapolis City Council passed an ordinance that disrupts the business model of rideshare companies Uber and Lyft, forcing them to leave the Twin Cities market.

Now drivers will be out of work and residents of Minneapolis (and the entire Twin Cities) will lose a very important service.

Minneapolis residents: Sign the petition – let your Minneapolis City Councilperson know you oppose this misguided policy!

Dear Minneapolis City Council:

I’m writing to urge you to reconsider the decision to force an hourly minimum wage on rideshare companies in Minneapolis. Because of this policy change, Uber and Lyft are likely leaving the Twin Cities market, leaving drivers with no income and riders with limited transportation options.

Rideshare companies provide an important service to the community, giving those who can’t drive a ride to work, bar patrons a safe ride home and drivers an important source of income. All of this will be lost if this ordinance is not overturned.

There must be a better way to stand up for drivers without threatening their livelihood. Please reconsider.


Minneapolis Resident


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