Minneapolis socialists pop up in Florida, organizing campus protests

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), based in Minneapolis, is mentioned in news reports of yesterday’s failed anti-Israel protests slated for the main Tallahassee campus of Florida State University. Local CBS-affiliate WCTV reports,

Joelle Nunez, president of Tallahassee SDS, told WCTV the demonstration was a collaboration between several groups including SDS, Tallahassee Defenders, Tallahassee Community Action Committee and Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Alas, the protest efforts were thwarted when lawn sprinklers and lawn mowers were activated to, literally, drown out the protests.

The Tallahassee Democrat quotes an FSU official with this explanation,

A university spokesperson said “work on our grounds happens throughout the day.”

I’ve written several times recently about the FRSO and their local work in Minnesota to promote left-wing politics.

FRSO is also mentioned in coverage of President Joe Biden’s visit to Tampa earlier this week. Local NPR affiliate WUSF provides this lengthy quote.

Lauren Pineiro, member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, was one of the protesters.

“We’ve seen huge protests happening across the country and people are making it very clear that they stand with Palestine, they stand with the people of Palestine and with the Palestinian resistance. … He doesn’t care,” Pineiro said. “What he cares about is protecting the interests of the U.S. in the Middle East.

“I feel like this is a very clear attempt at trying to grab more voters. He sees that he is tanking and he sees this as a way to gain more voters, but he had every chance to protect abortion.”

But don’t worry, FRSO hasn’t forgotten their hometown. The group has been heavily involved in both participating in and promoting the recent anti-Israel protests at the University of Minnesota. Local celebrity Congresswoman Ilhan Omar put in a cameo appearance at the Minneapolis campus protest.

After all, charity begins at home.