MN Auto Dealers Association: 91 candidates pledge to repeal Walz’s CA car mandates

The Minnesota Auto Dealers Association (MADA) has launched a helpful website to help Minnesotans understand the impact of the California car mandates enacted by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz via the rulemaking process at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

The website correctly notes that the California car mandates imposed on Minnesotans last year will only last for one model year (MY), which is 2025. At that time, whoever the Governor is will need to decide whether to abandon the mandates for electric vehicles, or adopt California’s complete ban on the sale of new gas-powered passenger vehicles by 2034.

MPCA officials have said they have the authority to adopt California’s updated ban on new gasoline and diesel powered cars by 2035, and that they would not need legislative approval to enact them.

The Walz administration has not been straightforward about whether they will impose California’s ban on new gas engine sales on Minnesota. Thus far, the administration has said they don’t currently have a plan to enact these vehicle bans, but they won’t rule it out, either.

Scott Jensen has listed repealing the California car mandates as a priority during his gubernatorial campaign, and the MADA website hosts a list of 91 candidates of both major parties who have signed a pledge to repeal the rules, which you can view by clicking here.

Whether or not Minnesota adopts California’s ban on new gas and diesel engine sales will ultimately boil down to who is living at the Governor’s mansion because the Executive branch has the ability to direct administrative rulemaking.