Minnesota beer taxes are the 11th highest in the country

Summer is here. For a lot of Minnesotans, that means lively barbecues, evenings by the lake, and ice-cold beer.

Unfortunately, however, even those simple pleasures comes at a high cost due to Minnesota’s high taxes. According to a report by the Tax Foundation, Minnesota has the 11th highest taxes on beer in the whole country.

Beer taxes from a low of 2 cents per gallon in Wyoming to $1.29 per gallon in Tennessee. Minnesotans pay $0.47 per gallon, only surpassed by 10 other states. Among our four neighbors, only North Dakota comes close with a tax of $.40 per gallon, ranking 17th highest.

Figure 1: Beer taxes by state

Source: Tax Foundation

It’s common knowledge by now that Minnesota is a high-tax state. Unfortunately, those high tax rates are not exclusive to income taxes. Minnesota imposes higher than average property and sales taxes compared to the rest of the country. Even excise taxes on champagne, distilled spirits, and beer are also some of the highest in the country.