Minnesota For Sale: a guide to the series

Now that were are up to Part 10 of our Minnesota For Sale series, we pause to provide the reader with a recap.

The series documents how Minnesota Democrats sold the state’s politics to the highest bidder during the most recent election cycle. The payoff was huge: control of a record $17 billion budget surplus, the nation’s most radical abortion and transgender policies, and any other leftist policy your heart may desire. And the price was amazingly cheap.

We began in Part 1 with an introduction and quick profile of two $1 million Democratic donors, one from each coast.

In Part 2, we list the state’s largest donors to the Minnesota state Democratic party, with a couple of famous names, featured.

But the state Democratic party is just a sideshow, compared to the massive money operation in play elsewhere. In Part 3, we total up the final 2022 election price tag ($97 million) and name all big names.

In Part 4, we shine a light into the darkest corner of campaign finance, the world of “dark money” nonprofits.

In Part 5, we focus on the out-of-state megadonors that have come to dominate Minnesota Democrat politics.

In Part 6, we dive into the donations from the New York-based family of financier George Soros.

In Part 7, we look at some of the money backing controversial Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty.

In Part 8, we look at the Rockefeller money behind the Toolbox Fund.

In Part 9, we examine the influence of a different shadowy international billionaire.

In Part 10, we dig another layer deeper into the world of dark money.

In Part 11, money from Silicon Valley is featured.

In Part 12, we tackle the Forbes 400 list of America’s wealthiest billionaires.

We aren’t done yet, we’ll keep digging…