Minnesota for Sale: the dark money behind Alliance for a Better MN

In part 3 of my video series, I dive into the power-behind-the-throne of Minnesota politics, the dark money network Alliance for a Better MN.

This outfit, headquartered in a craptacular St. Paul office building, raised nearly as much money on behalf of Democrats in the last election cycle (2021-22) as the state Democratic party.

A new campaign finance cycle is underway (2023-24) and the organization is off and running. The network recently added a new corporate entity to its growing portfolio, adding the WIN Minnesota PAC to succeed its WIN Minnesota Political Action Fund. It also created a new fund for 2024, the We All Do Better PAC.

The part 3 video can be seen below on YouTube:

Part 1 is here and provides an overview of the series.

Part 2 is here and focuses on the George Soros network.

Buckle up! 2024 just got started.