Minnesota for Sale: the video series

As we enter a major election year, I look back on the most recent campaign finance cycle in Minnesota (2021-22), that saw Democrats enjoy a massive money advantage (2x to 3x) over Republicans, but who managed to wrest total control of state government by a margin of only a few hundred votes out of millions cast.

You may recall my series of posts that I labelled as “Minnesota for Sale,” digging into the who, why, and where of campaign finance in the state. I have produced a series of short videos (each only 5 to 6 minutes long) for those who prefer to get their information in audio/visual form.

I follow the money in the first video in the series, now available on YouTube:

All three videos were produced under the sheltering arms of the office’s Majesty Palm.

The second video, focusing on the extended George Soros network, can be viewed here.

The third video shines a light on the powerful Alliance for a Better MN: