Minnesota is #5 for agriculture

According to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, agriculture is the foundation of Minnesota’s economy. As someone who grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, it’s always interesting to see how different states stack up in terms of agricultural production.

Minnesota ranks fifth in the nation in agricultural production, with $17 billion in agricultural sales per year. Agricultural production and processing industries generate over $112 billion annually in total economic impact and support more than 431,127 jobs.

In 2019, Minnesota ranked fourth for corn produced, ninth in vegetable production, second for dry edible beans, third for oats, ninth in potatoes, first in sugar beet production, and third for soybeans and spring wheat.

Minnesota also received high marks for livestock production. It was the third largest state in total pig crop in 2019, eighth for milk production, and first for the number of turkeys raised.

Minnesota farmers play an important part in feeding the world. You can see more rankings and how Minnesota compares to other states by clicking the link below.