Minnesota school board recognition month

The Minnesota School Boards Association is marking the month of February as Minnesota School Board Recognition Month, according to the MSBA website. Previously, the annual recognition period was a week in February.

During this annual celebration, MSBA encourages superintendents and district staff to “spread the word about the great work our public school board members are doing.”

There are many wonderful individuals serving on their local school boards, prioritizing academic excellence and student achievement; establishing policies that ensure an efficient and effective school system; devoting their knowledge, time and talents as advocates for students; creating a district vision that includes their community’s wants and expectations; being transparent about school finance and personnel decisions; being accountable for these decisions.

Thank you for serving students, educators, parents, and your community as a whole!

Are you interested in becoming a candidate for school board? Visit MinnesotaParents.org for helpful resources and to learn more!