Minnesotans asking Google for break-up advice peaks mid-October

Minnesotans googling break-up advice peaks from October 16-23, according to a study of Google trends data from Oct. 24, 2021- Oct. 23, 2022 by HerNorm.com.

The relationship website analyzed search data to identify when searches for terms such as “how to break up” were at their highest in every U.S. state.

Minnesota, Massachusetts, and California all had peak search volumes around breakups in mid-October, with Nebraskans considering calling it quits right before Halloween (Oct. 24-30). Wyoming, Iowa, Alaska, and Florida had the highest search volumes leading up to Thanksgiving, with Rhode Island and New Hampshire jumping in during the holiday week.

A handful of states searched for break-up advice leading up to the Christmas holiday, with Kentuckians even considering breaking up on Christmas Day. January is the most popular month in the study for breakup searches. Five states reached highest search volume in February, with South Dakota, Nevada and Michigan peaking right before Valentine’s Day and Maine and Illinois looking to move on the day of or just after. Then there are the spring cleaners (Washington, Texas, New York, Montana, Arkansas and South Carolina), those who consider a summer break up (North Dakota, Idaho, and Mississippi, to name a few) and those who want to break it off around the start of a new school year.

See below for a complete listing of states and when its couples are considering cutting ties.