Minnesotans deserve to know what, if anything, DHS has done to stop “pervasive” child care fraud

In light of turmoil within the Minnesota’s Department of Human Services that led to the resignation of its three top officials, John Hinderaker, President of Center of the American Experiment, released the following statement:

“Governor Walz needs to come clean with Minnesotans about what is going on at the Department of Human Services. The Inspector General is still under investigation, the second and third ranking officials at the agency quit last week, and now the commissioner has resigned after just six months on the job. Now more than ever, Minnesotans need reassurance DHS has been doing its job despite the apparent internal turmoil at the agency.

“In particular, Minnesotans deserve to know if anything been done to root out the “pervasive” child care fraud wasting our hard-earned tax dollars. Has DHS adopted the Legislative Auditor’s recommendations? How much money has been sent to fake child care centers so far? If the Walz administration won’t tell us, then the legislature should hold public hearings to find out.”


[Featured photo by CreditRepairExpert]