Minnesota’s Economic News — W/E 10/8/21

Economic growth

WCCO: Business Confidence In Economy Plummets, Midwest Report Says

WCCO: Smaller Products, Rising Prices: Shrinkflation Hitting Grocery Store Shelves

Star Tribune: Duluth tourism rebound ‘the recovery year we needed’

State and local taxes and spending

Rochester Post Bulletin: How will your city’s taxes change in 2022?

Minn Post: Minnesota lawmakers are either very far from — or very close to — making a deal on ‘hero checks’ for COVID workers

Forest Lake Times: Tax money distributed to counties


WCCO: Minnesota Farmers ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ By Strong Crop Yields Despite Drought

Labor market

WJON: This Age Group Is Not Returning to the Workforce in Central MN

Star Tribune: More than ever, jobs for the disabled are vital

KTOE: Rural recruitment efforts in Minnesota set state apart

WJON: Central MN Manufacturing Jobs Probably Aren’t What You Think