‘Minnesota’s Future’ is headquartered in DC and New York

Literally. The newest political action committee to register with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board is named “The PAC for Minnesota’s Future-IE.”

Sometimes the metaphors are too blatant to ignore. The PAC, which purports to represent the state’s future, lists all of its officers with Washington, DC, addresses. Of course, the PAC’s bank, lists a New York City address.

The parent organization goes by the bold name “The PAC for America’s Future.” The organization’s purpose appears to be to assist Democrats in taking over and maintaining legislative majorities at the state level.

In the infinite regression that is American politics, the largest donor to “America’s Future” is an entity called “Future Now.” Incorporated as Future Now Action, the entity is a 501c4 “dark money” nonprofit that does not disclose its donors.

According to IRS tax filings, Future Now’s president is Adam Pritzker. This Pritzker is a member of the fourth generation of the famous family, which are heirs to the Hyatt Hotels fortune. He is distantly related to J.B. Pritzker, the current governor of Illinois.

Also serving on the Future Now board is Columbia University economics professor Jeffrey Sachs. Pritzker studied under Sachs while attending the University. In addition to impoverishing many third-world countries with his bad economic advice, Sachs has been of late peddling a conspiracy theory that Covid-19 originated in a U.S. laboratory.

In November 2021, the organization registered its original “The PAC for Minnesota’s Future,” which is classified as a political fund. The new entity is classified as an independent expenditure (IE) fund. Each performs slightly different duties in the campaign finance universe.

The original fund has raised $1.3 million for Minnesota this election cycle. $1 million came in a single donation from a Brooklyn, NY, real estate developer that I wrote about here.

So far, the fund has donated $200,000 to the DFL House Caucus and $350,000 to the DFL Senate Caucus.