MN voters oppose sex change operations for minors

By an overwhelming margin. Last week, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed an executive order that seeks to “protect access to gender affirming health care in Minnesota.”

Executive Order 23-03 includes five pages of text. The Governor’s move made national news. Walz signed the order in a well-attended public ceremony at the capitol. Children were in attendance.

In an exclusive Thinking Minnesota poll, conducted the last three days of February, our pollster asked 500 registered voters in the state this question:

Based on what you have seen, read, or heard, do you support or oppose sex change
operations for minors, that is children under the age of 18?

Opposition is overwhelming. Overall opposition leads by 67 percent to 22 percent in favor. For those voters with strong opinions, 53 percent of voters are strongly opposed to the idea to 10 percent strongly in favor.

Opposition is found within every political party, even Democrats. Republicans are opposed, 95 to 3. Independents are opposed, 67 to 16. Democrats are opposed by a slight margin, 42 to 41 percent.

By age, gender, and geography, there is no group in favor of the practice.

The Twitter account Covid Clarity breaks down the Walz executive order in a thread posted today. The final tweet sums up the exercise:

Finally, this executive order applies to all adults and minors alike in the state of Minnesota. There is no distinction or accommodation for minors or for parental rights specified in the order itself.

Not to be outdone, the Minnesota House of Representatives’ Judiciary committee passed HF 146, with language similar to the executive order. It awaits action by the full House.

The companion bill, SF 63, was heard in committee last month.

Yet another bill progressing at the legislature with no popular mandate behind it.