Most Americans say violent crime is a problem and progressives can’t be trusted to deal with it

In September 2022, Center for American Progress (CAP) published a presentation that summarized “a body of polling and qualitative research conducted from April to August 2022.” 

Much of the presentation focused on messaging CAP suggests democrats use to positively influence skeptical voters regarding progressive crime strategies. 

Two polling items stand as particularly strong reminders of the challenges democrats face on the issue of crime.

First – voters, regardless of race, believe crime is a problem everywhere in the US.

Second – republicans hold an 18-point advantage over democrats in likely voters’ “total trust” in dealing with crime effectively.

For years progressives have tied their wagon to an agenda of excusing crime and attacking our public safety institutions. Now as they are facing the likelihood of losing voters, progressives are working hard to walk back their anti-police rhetoric, and show their positions have “evolved.”

Wise citizens will not soon forget their hypocrisy.